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The Power of the "COFFEE BEANS"

The Power of the "Coffee  BEANS"

A cup of "coffee" is not only to make you awake at night, it also has lots of power that are really beneficial to everybody, in any walks of life.
In recent studies, it was found out that "coffee" has 8 important benefits that can give to the mankind as one of the most popular drinks ever. Now these benefits are being introduced to help each and everyone who are having problems with their health, and these are the following:
1. Coffee is a good body builder.
The caffein content of the coffee is giving enough energy to the athletes to be able to perform well. On the contrary, caffein can cause dehydration, so, it is advisable to drink more water in order to increase your exercise performance.
2. It fights the attack of "ashma".
In six studies that was conducted, it was found out that drinking coffee can be very beneficial in the functioning of the lungs, and the effect of this will last for 4 hours.
3. It helps in combating "jet log".
Coffee has the ability to stimulate the hyphothalamus which make the body clock adjust to the changes of the time zone. It also increases the attention span, short term memory and the ability to have a good and right decision making.
4. It sharpened the "memory".
Just for drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning will already sharpened your memory for one whole day. And for 12 oz of this, it will give a better memory function, especially to those who are already in the age of 65 and above wherein health problems mostly occur.
5. It also helps in decreasing the risks in having "diabetes".
According to one ground breaking study, in the case of type 2 diabetes, the coffee can decrease the danger that usually occur by almost 50%. The study showed that the beneficial effect of the coffee on this type of diabetes is due to its high anti-oxidant content.
6. Coffee has the power to evade gall stone formation.
According to one particular study, if you consume 4 or more cups of coffee for one day, you will have a little chance to develop gall bladder stones.
7. It also fights "cirrhosis".
Two studies were conducted, and it shows that, a person who drinks 4 cups of coffee in one day will have a small chances to acquire cirrhosis of the liver.
8. Coffee can decrease the danger caused by obesity.
The caffein has the ability to stimulate the metabolism that readily decreases the weight even without dieting.

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