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coffee and health fact

Coffee is reducing the risk of heart disease 

A study Proved to conduct by British researchers, that drinking coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, which contrasts with the results of previous studies which pointed to the negative consequences of drinking coffee. 
According to the study conducted on about 27 thousand women over 15 years, about 60 percent of the antioxidants, which prevent the destruction of cells obtained from human food from the coffee. 
The study also found that women who consume moderate amounts of coffee a day lessened the seriousness of cardiovascular morbidity by 30 percent. 


Coffee Protect from Liver cancer  

A study conducted by Italian researchers from the Institute of Medical Research in Milan that coffee protects from liver cancer. 
The study published by the French newspaper (Le Journal Santeh) on 2260person were follow-up and recording the amount of coffee they consume, then the researchers found that people who drink coffee consistently have a lower risk of liver cancer by 41 percent compared to persons who do not drink coffee at all. 
The researchers explained that they had not yet reached to the way that the coffee protects from liver cancer. 
However, caffeine has a positive impact on liver enzymes.


Coffee is good for your health

Even though ,researchers make great efforts to convince us that coffee has negative effects for our health,causing many diseases(among them,cardiac diseases,birth problems,pancreatic cancer),we shouldn''''t forget about the benefices that coffee brings to the body.
It was scientifically proved that if a person drinks a moderate quantity of coffee,1 or 2 cups a day,it can only be beneficial for his body,because it helps reduce the risk of colon cancer ,billiary lithase,cirosis,Parkinson disease and prevents asthma.
A study made in Harvard and presented during the 63rd Scientific Session of the American Association of Diabetes showed that a regular coffee consume is very useful to prevent diabetes.
Coffee''''s short term effects over our body are extremely welcomed,because it helps us think faster and more clearly,while making us feel less drowzy and tired.In the 1970 edition of his book ,"The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics",Dr. J. Murdoch Ritchie said that,after "consuming coffeine, a person is capable of developing a sustained intelectual effort and a much more efficient idea association.(...)typists ,for example,work much faster and make less spelling mistakes."
By improving the performances ,vigilance,promptitude and efficiency of a person ,the coffeine from coffee leads to a lesser degree of depression and anxiety ,as well as lowering the suicide risk.
Among fruits and vegetables,coffee contains important amounts of antioxidants.
Antioxidants are substances which can prevent the damaging effects of oxidation at the level of all body tissues,helping it to protect itself from celular destruction and reducing the risks of certain types of cancer to develop.They are made out of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and enzymes(proteins which take part in chemical reactions).
Coffee can be used not only as a liquid that we boil and drink by ourselves or with friends ,it is also recommended for external use,against unpleasant garlic,onion or fish smells.
For this reason,we have to massage our palms with coffee grounds,which we can remove with warm water.
Keeping our hair and skin healthy and silk can be done with natural masks prepared with cofee.For the hair ,you boil a hard coffee which ,when it gets cold,is applied on the dry hair and is left for 20 minutes.After that ,you rinse your hair,under a jet of water,leaving it with a healthy aspect.
Coffee is used as an exfoliant because it cleans it from impurities,reduces pores and eliminates dead cells.The mask is prepared from a cup of coffee grounds mixed with yolk from an egg, being applied by massage on the entire face.After it dries itself up, it is removed with warm water,then a face-cream is to be used,especially by persons with dry skin.
The power that caffeine has against cellulitis is world-renowned,taking in consideration the fact that most anticellulitic body cremes use it as a base-ingeredient.As a natural home-made product,mix coffee ground with olive oil and you get a paste which is as efficient as any other lotion made in commerce.This mixture has to be massaged on parts of the body affected by cellulitis,then removed through rinsing.


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