Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Important Principles of Interior Design Chicago



For interior design Chicago, the process can be broken down into some principles, which are not strict rules but the guidelines to be followed for interior design . Whether you have to work with existing furniture and furnishings or start from scratch, these principles should be followed in choosing everything. The principles relate to how to use different design elements such as paint, furniture, accessories etc.

1. Balance – Balance in the interiors means visual equilibrium. It means all the objects should be placed according to their size and color etc. maintaining a balance. Also, the elements should be distributed throughout the room. It should not seem that there are many elements on one corner and only a few elements on other corners.

2. Focal Point – In every room, there should be one or two focal points so as to attract the attention of visitors. Otherwise, the room will look boring. Also ensure that the focal point should look as a part of the whole decoration and not something unmatched and totally distinct.

3. Harmony – While doing interior design, consider creating a harmony throughout the home. When someone visits different rooms, each room should look as a part of the unified whole. A rhythm should be created in the design by repeating lines, colors and texture etc.

4. Color – Color inspires emotions in people. Different colors influence the people in a different way. Colors have a definite effect on the atmosphere, and thus any type of atmosphere can be created by using right color schemes.

5. Detail – While doing interior design, there is a need to give attention to each and every detail. Everything starting from lamp shade to light switches to cupboard handles require attention. Many people find boring to select these things, but these things when selected carefully bring really good results.

These are the important principles of interior design in Chicago which should be followed as guidelines for designing home interiors. If you hire the best interior designer in Chicago, Impact Design Firm, they definitely follow these guidelines and will be able to obtain the best design for your home. They will design your home beautifully even when you have a limited budget. Whether you want home refurbishment with the old furniture and furnishings or you want to redecorate your home from scratch, Impact Design Firm is the best choice for your home design. For more information about the firm and to know about their projects, please browse through
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