Saturday, April 19, 2014

Broken iron check

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new iron
These days, my wife saw frequently used iron can not be used again. the indicator lamp does not light, no heat generated, by using a screwdriver and current test I started to open the iron parts. and began to check the wiring, and other parts. I think there is damage to the heating element, and it turns out after the replacement of the heating element can not function. I started thinking to replace with a new one, then I think because the indicator light does not light there must be a problem with the wiring and electrical currents. This is exactly right,  after I check carefully it turns out there are sections of cable burned and broken. I have to repair wiring and install all iron parts in the original position, and the iron back to work.
we must be frugal and take advantage of household items that can still be used . not only financial problems , but the saving behavior and good habits to maintain and repair the household appliances can be utilized .

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