Wednesday, February 12, 2014

i love ice cream

ice cream for me, i love ice cream. i  would like to eat every day. make it, make it, make it.

how to make Ice Cream in essence not so complicated to make their own, given the main ingredient can be obtained with ease, this detailed how to make ice cream at home


475 ml cream / milk Headaches
125 ml milk / coconut milk
4 chicken eggs
100 ml sugar (recommended fine )
1 tsp Vanilli
1 of durian (depending feel what you want )

batter 1
Avocado Blend with suitable amount , further placed on the pan . Enter the same cream milk / coconut milk . All are heated slowly take then stirred . If the heat was tagged with air bubbles start up , pan down .

batter 2
Eggs (yellow + white ) , sugar , vanilla Blend with suitable amount or if the same had not shaken blander manual only. Then pour in the pan containing the dough 1 .

The whole is then heated again , stirring constantly until thickened. Once thick , poured on ice cream container can use the basket or the like placed further into the refrigerator about 3-4 hours. Then he moved the freezer , stirring every 1 hour , so that 'll never happen ice crystallization . after stirring 3-4 times of about 3-4 hours following the experience will not have to mix. If the ice cream is so very hard , let 10 minutes removed before serving .

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