Friday, January 3, 2014

DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500W Basic Ceramic Heater

Provide the perfect amount of heat with the DCH1030 Ceramic Heater from DeLonghi. Intense directional flow of heat and better circulation from the large grille lets you enjoy warmth whenever you need it. Use it year-round by operating the fan without heat for summer ventilation. An adjustable thermostat and two heat settings let you achieve as much warmth as you need. And it's safe to operate, with a thermal cut-off and antifreeze settings.
Ceramic Technology
The safe and efficient ceramic heating element provides fast and powerful spot heat safely, thanks to the capability of the ceramic element to self-regulate the power output according to the temperature.
Adjustable Thermostat
The appliance is equipped with a room thermostat, to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature. Customize your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and two heat settings: choose the High setting for 1500 watts of heating power or choose Low for 825 watts.
Safe Operation
The DCH1030 Ceramic Heater is safe to operate, with thermal cut-off that prevents overheating as well as an antifreeze setting to prevent the heater from seizing up in cold weather.

  • Safeheat 1500-watt ceramic heater with fan-only option for summer ventilation
  • Ceramic heating element with large grille
  • 2 heat flow settings: High (1500 watts) and Low (825 watts)
  • Power indicator light, adjustable thermostat and anti-freeze setting
  • Safety thermal cut-off prevents overheating

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