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Designing the Pavilion on the Narrow Land

Designing the Pavilion on the Narrow Land

Pavilion is an additional building after the main building, which is deliberately made because of the increasing space requirements. Usually the size of the pavilion is not too large, but has its own access to exit and enter. Function of the pavilion are varies, it can be used as guest room, children playroom, hobby room and a maid, or can also be used as a warehouse.

There are two designs of pavilion’s applications, namely pavilion designed separately from the main house, which is usually located in the area behind the house and pavilion built homes blend with the main buildings, which are generally located in the left or right wing of the main house.

Some things to consider in making the pavilion, including land area. Pavilion is made separately with the main building usually requires a large field, whereas if we only have a narrow land is recommended to create a pavilion that integrates with the main house.

Also of note is the function of the pavilion, such as children's play room, guest room, studio, or the room maid. If the pavilion to work as a maid room , it should have a direct path toward the service area to facilitate domestic servants in performing their activities, so that users access the pavilion will not interfere with the activities of people in the main house.

Then note the configuration structure. If the pavilion will be used as a bedroom then as much as possible the configuration of the structure created to support the activities of people in it. The concept of the pavilion is made exactly the type of studio, because the studio is a type that can accommodate any type of function space.

After determining the position of the location and function, the next thing to note is the concept of the pavilion itself, it is due to appear before him. We recommend that you look forward a pavilion must have a unity with the main building.

Finally, a no less important is the aspect of safety. We recommend making a window at the pavilion so even though we are in the main house but we still able to supervise the activities at the pavilion.

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