Tuesday, November 23, 2010

auto car insurance


We buying a car, there is one important factor worthy of consideration, namely choosing car insurance. This can to avoid us from the loss of the calamity that could have happened, for example pencongkelan rearview mirror, car scratched, collision, theft or robbery. Insurance for Car, Health, Property, Home, Accident, Marine Cargo, Pension Fund, Education Fund and others. Insurance products are all important, but what are our priorities today. There are several things that can be taken into consideration in choosing car insurance. Here are important tips in selecting car insurance.

Credible, if possible, who already received the title / certificate as Best General Insurance.

Learn closely, carefully and thoroughly about the type of car insurance that will be chosen and what will be the cover. What is the insurance type overall (All Risk) or TLO

Consider whether the car insurance company has a representative and service network spread.

ease (including claims, payment etc.) and flexible service from the insurance company concerned also deserve attention. we can also buy car insurance policy online.

You should know, insurance companies regulated by the government with the performance of its operations RBC (Risk Based Capital) of at least 120% and a minimum paid up capital of USD 40milyar of 31 December 2009. There are many insurance companies that do not meet this requirement. How do firms in the service of good policy and claims if these minimum conditions are not met.

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